About JCS777LAF

Who: I'm Jessica, I'm 20 years old and live in Indiana. I'm studying creative writing in college and I'm engaged to my boyfriend of 2 years. JCS777LAF is my initials, God's number, and my fiance Lucas' initials. It's just a little acronym we came up with one day.

What: A blog on fashion and the things that happen in my everyday life. Outfit posts are made a few times a week with a weekend recap on Sundays.

Why: I love sewing and styling and being inventive fashion wise, so I made this blog to document all that. I've gotten into the habit of altering the clothes that I buy because things usually don't fit right. I basically want to get into styling and I thought a blog would help inspire people and give them my point of view. Blogging is just a creative outlet for myself when things get stressful.

Inspiration: I get inspired my so much. I really like nature and find that incredibly inspiring. I mostly look to other bloggers for styling and makeup tips because those are real girls, in real life. I somewhat look to celebrities and their everyday sense of style for ideas as well.

My style: I go for comfort above all else. I don't like to wear things I constantly have to tug or pull at to keep in place, I find that really annoying. I tend to wear dresses a lot and I never used to growing up. My key tip: accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! That way you can make a million different outfits out of the clothes you already own and spend less money. I'm also a huge DIY'er...it's an easy way to add a personal touch to your wardrobe and stand out. I love all things feathers, beaded, or buttoned. I always stay true to who I am and no matter what I wear what I feel like is "me".