22 August 2010


{I loved this outfit so much that I've been trying to replicate it ever since...with no luck so far}

{I can't get enough of her Miu Mius, which is really saying something because I'm not a heels person. But I also love her rich colored blouse}

{I am a huge, huge fan of the tights/dresses/skirt look for fall and winter and I think oxfords aka brogues, are a cool alternative to boots or flats}

{I'm drawn to anything bowed or pinky hued, so this outfit is perfect to me!}

These are all pictures I found inspiring and thought to save them to my computer in my "Inspiration" folder. Pretty much anything that catches me eye I put in that folder. Any outfits I want to replicate and make my own, hairstyles I want to try, make up I don't want to forget about trying...you know, that sort. Often times I find loads of inspiration on Chictopia and while I have one of my own I rarely use it. Maybe I'll start up again. Badley is one of my favorites to read on Chictopia and now I read her blog daily (along with many others!). She has a great sense of uniqueness about her and she's very innovative with her wardrobe.

I don't honestly remember where I've found the majority of these photos because I've never had a website to share them with other people, therefore, I've never saved where I've found them. I'll start doing that so the proper person gets credited and you can find them as well.

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